Personalized Services

Rebecca works one on one with clients allowing them to learn how to integrate yoga into their lives in a way that complements who they are. Whether it is a life transition, physical injury, or emotional distress, Rebecca will develop a personalized practice to suit their needs, making sure they receive a maximum benefit on the time they invest.

Private Individual and Small Group Classes

Beneficial for those recovering from injuries or surgeries, moving through a physical and/or emotional transition, or for individual’s who prefer personalized coaching.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Pregnancy and motherhood are the two most sacred times in a woman’s life. Rebecca works with expectant and new moms to help them learn to nurture themselves and their babies. Yoga during pregnancy helps to relieve prenatal discomfort, educates mom about her changing body, and prepares the mind and body for the miracle of childbirth. Postnatal yoga encourages bonding between mom and baby, and assists mom with regaining physical strength.

Weddings and Bridal Parties

Prepare for your Big Day in a serene and calm environment! Rebecca provides personalized, concise sessions to help the bride find her center and fully enjoy her wedding day. These practices establish a sense of peace so the bride and her bridal party can Be Present, creating a loving and joyful energy.